Goat Newborn and Young Kids Health Problems.

Goat Newborn and Young Kids Health Problems.

Goat Newborn and Young Kids Health Problems.

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Goat farming business in nowadays one of the simple and fasted growing business. Goat pregnancy and the birth of a newborn is a most critical time in this business. The Goat newborn and Young kid need very special attention. Cause newborn has a very poor immunity system and they are easily affected by various infection. Following are some Goat Newborn and Young Kids Health Problems.

Birth Defects:- Some of the health problems are inborn, in this inborn problem the following are diseases are found.   Atresia ani :- This is an eye-related infection in this health problem goats rectal is not opening. Cleft palate: - in this goat health problem, the goats lengthwise split in the roof of the mouth. r Atresia ani or Cleft palate diseases are not treated easily fixable.  Entropion :- In this health problem goats eyelid turned-under side, due to this eye lashes to irritate the eye, and goat eyes become watery. This is the health problem is treatable.

Constipation: -   The Goat newborn and Young kid sometimes become constipated due to stress. Constipation in newborns is life-threatening, hence early treatment is required. By monitor goats newborn or kids feces or lack of feces will catch the constipation problems early, Enemas is necessary for this Constipation health problem.

Colostrum:-  Those goat kids who do not get sufficient colostrum in their births first 12 hours generally don't survive or become very weak. Colostrum plays a very vital role in Goat newborn and Young kid life. Colostrum is very important for newborns digestive system. Its goat owner duty to take attention towards Goat newborn and Young kid to get the proper amount of colostrum.

Diarrhea:-  If newborn face diarrhea it’s mean a something wrong happens inside his body. Diarrhea usually comes with illnesses. If diarrhea does not treat in early stage then it’s become life-threatening for newborn or kid. 

Weak Kid Syndrome: - If a newborn fails to stand and has abnormal body temperature (hypothermia). This condition can occur with newborn or any time later. When a newborn or kid doesn't get proper feed and become chilled and his body temperature drops below 100*F. weak kid syndrome affected newborn or young kid health condition is both nutritional and weather-related. At this time kid has faced difficulty to control his body temperature and its dependent upon both adequate milk and good shelter.

Dehydration:- dehydration is also taking effect on newborn or kid health problems lack milk or too hot or too cold climatic conditions make goat kid dehydrated quickly. The Goat newborn and Young kid have tiny stomachs and his metabolism is very fast so they can crash fast if their nutrition and hydration are not up to the mark.

Thiamine deficiency:   In view of Goat newborn and Young kid health problem the thiamine deficiency is also playing a role. Due to thiamine deficiency Goat newborn and the Young kid has "goat polio”, but it's just not goat polio. Thiamine is essential to brain function.  A mature goat produces a sufficient thiamine but newborns and very young kids are pre-ruminant, operating off a milk stomach. Goat’s premature kids should get B1 (thiamine) injections.

Coccidiosis : In Goat newborn and Young kid health problem coccidiosis is also very fatal disease. Coccidiosis protozoan attacks the lining of the intestinal tract and can do so much damage in a short period of time that the goat's gut won't be able to absorb nutrients. Blackish diarrhea can be one of the symptoms.

Worms:   Goat newborn and the Young kid has worms problem also. Stomach Worms was no threat to newborns as they are pre-ruminant, but when they get to be about three weeks old, they become a real threat as the kids begin to eat solid food.

Pneumonia:   Goat newborn and kids are easily infected by pneumonia infection. Pneumonia is a respiratory infection and the infection of pneumonia in goat or newborn or kid is very dangerous. Pneumonia infection kills goats quickly, especially kids. There are many types of pneumonia: bacterial, mycoplasmas, viral, and inhalation pneumonia.  Common symptoms include fever, labored breathing,   sometimes runny nose discharging yellowish-green mucous, and occasionally a hacking cough,  along with generalized listlessness and *off feed* behavior.

Floppy Kid Syndrome:  Goat newborn and Young kid sometimes overeating on milk. All goat farmer loves to watch kid suck the milk from the goat udder or bottle, but due to overeating of milk kill goats newborn. Cause due to lack of exercise the goat kid does not digest the milk intake.

Enterotoxaemia:  Enterotoxaemia in Goat newborn and the Young kid is also known as the pulpy kidney. When newborn or kid or goat eat too much milk, or ruminating kids eat too much-sacked feed the enterotoxaemia occurs.

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